issue one, some thoughts

today i have been wallowing like a happy pig in your literary efforts that went a bit smutty

most of you who have submitted will have received and email confirming whether we’ll be publishing your dirty laundry, or not

the standard of writing was really high and a lot of you really got it in a way that makes us really happy

so far we have eleven poets/writer for issue one, but we suppose there might be room for a few more to slip in

most poets/writers will have one poem published, but there are a couple with a lot of horny baggage that we’d like to help out

as per the plan, we will soon be turning this into a proper looking website with a domain and everything

after that, we will begin publishing the poems online for issue one

we think it would be nice to publish them in batches on sunday mornings (the horniest morning, let us be clear)

we think it might be best for issue one to start in october with issue two following for around christmas an new year – or similar

later we will get in to how to publish a collection in print (we’d love to do a dirty risograph that we somehow get illuminated in collaboration with some cool printers or something – but we don’t know how our costs would look on that)

please feel free to get in touch (to submit poems, or suggest ideas) on:

hornypoetry AT gmail DOT com

or shout at us (kindly) on twitter

we’re so pleased that this project seems to be happening – thank you all


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