At the Kitchen Table With Football

Desirée Holman, 2007


you bought me this dumb hat

now you say you hate it

bullshit i say untying dan’s mask

he touches you under the table


my eyes solid black i drag

the wilson football up your arm

rubbery nubs squeaking against denim

your lips the color of overcooked salmon

slack with death or rigid with desire


we wish we had an air conditioner

but we’re glad for the ice in the lemonade

soon we’ll eat this apple on our knees

three sets of teeth holding it midair

chomping & spinning &


seeds sticking to my clavicles

juice dissolving our canvas mouths

droplets rolling down my chest

racing to unmask my cock


Sally Burnette is alive. Their work is forthcoming in BOAAT, Winter Tangerine, and Peach Magazine, among others. Tweets @dunebuggy12.

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