some thoughts on issue two

issue one went really well, didn’t it?

for issue two, we would like more of the same – your poetry, experiemental fiction, literary prose – that just got a little bit too horny

but we’d also like to request some responses to a theme

this theme is Horny On Main – which, as you know, is when you post (or some other action) something horny on your real account rather than an alt

why do we like this theme?

we’d like to solicit stories and poetry around the themes of horniness during the holidays – which is kind of the ultimate main to go horny on.

we like the idea that, like the poetry and experiemental prose from the first issue, sometimes the horniness that creeps in is completely inappropriate

we like the idea that this could also be an accident

we like the interaction between status, register, and the public which this theme hints at

we know you have stories about fucking someone in your childhood bedroom as an adult that you tried to cover up with layers of literary finesse

when will we publish issue two?

we kind of like the idea of publishing it all on Christmas day?

let us know what you think to that

what happened to that print issue you talked about?

we think we’re going to do a nice thick anthology for the whole project

how do i submit?

hornypoetry AT gmail DOT com

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