My Body & Band Camp and Still Six Thirty

My Body & Band Camp

Doubt like a purple pacifier hinges

On the true & its concealment

Several nights later I’m convinced I’m bad

At sex & that the torso is invalid

Or at least the terms are

The terms bad and good belong

In a misplaced morality play

Performed in the desert

By your family & closest friends

With tickets that aren’t free but

With all proceeds going

To charity



Still Six Thirty

At one particular
moment you be-
come rain, a line
of songbirds en-
acting a fictional
unity that is just
as real as any-
thing you’ve ever
said or read or
heard about, the
cliffs that loom
only a few feet a-
head of the time
you can feel in
the base of your
torso while your
lover is present—



By Nathanielle Dawn

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