thoughts on issue 3 & call for submissions

now that the least horny day of the year, valentines day, is out of the way the editors of HPR can spend some time thinking of what we’d like you to submit to us

as always, we would like your poetry that got slightly too horny, your short stories that are too horny for granta and experimental prose that explores your kinks and fantasies but not in a hyper pornographic way which we know actually isn’t horny at all

pop over to the submissions page to read about all that stuff

but we would also love to have you send us something a bit different, if you have something that suits – for the first time we would like to read your essays on horniness

what is an essay on horniness you ask?

  • it could be an exploration of your own sexuality and how that interacts with the world
  • it could be about porn or pornography
  • it could be a set of instructions for conducting an experiment on horniness
  • it could be personal or academic or semi fictional
  • it could be about sending selfies you and nudes you regret, or don’t
  • it could be about how you spent ages working out how to 3d scan and print your penis so you could send it to someone as a way of commoditising your body interestingly
  • it could be a bit like an Anne Carson short talk
  • it could involve sexual politics, gender stuff and trans issues
  • it could be about sexuality and illness, sexuality and disability
  • you might just have something to say that isn’t a poem and isn’t fiction and it isn’t quite anything

we have written the word “sexuality” a lot above, because sometimes it’s not super horny to be a sexual being, but it can inform part of it

these essays should be:

  • no longer than 1000 words approx
  • free in form and delivery
  • not racist/sexist/all that bad stuff – don’t let that stop you exploring however

we’re just trying this out because a few people have said it’s kind of cool that there’s this sex positive space for poetry and writing

but we feel we can’t grapple with the size of that so we would like us all to grapple together, a groping mass of sexual positivity tumbling towards some kind of satisfying resolution

send us what you have for our sort-of-summer issue

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