To Melvin

neuro-gnosis plasmid dyspraxic morphemes overheated like canned chili pot mealworm fractioned from the Nechako alfalfa gesticulate hookah’s of eurhythmic libido with the Human-Condition syndrome of an inverted spectrum Guardia festering in the womyn’s urinal during AD 8000.

The intergenerational dyslexia of Solomon’s barbiturates tea-bag bludgeons of Journeyman explosive sympathetic nervous system self-sustaining units like fellatio-instantiated Mortimer’s Geneva vacation. Para-thrusting from the Zenoan distance bilaterally east to the encephalic labia’s location in the Mindscape. Ojibwa granulated December-esque marmalades speak in Marfan tongues of genderless Horatio’s multi-gender cubicles sporing bodily fluids: epiphenomenal social organisms group masturbate recidivism in a gifted Krishna primus’ nodenetwork south-center towards ontological independences if and only if Sigmund Freud is the prophet of Kelloggian Yukon hermeneutics.

Maximally Non-Existentially Imported Beings guzzle the homunculus pancake-snorting the healing of the pan-gendered soul’s c-fiber to pull the locket behind the monodeistic, thought-controlled, pool-side stall. Animism of menstruating logorrhea that is teleologically in the bodily forms of an ideonomical calculator with the automatism of Thalean moisture, its symbiosis with the un- clothed gymnasium artifacts, its blood drinking of Papa Smurf’s (I know “it” as God) paternalistic psychobabble: hirustisic water that every possible deviancy drinks.


Tiana Lavrova is an eighteen year old who has an interest in all things art and science: including sculpture, product design, printmaking, free verse poetry, and the mental health and psychological sciences. She is also the author of two forthcoming chapbooks: dancing girl press and Grey Borders Books in 2018

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