Given the Chance

Do you ever feel like a small part of you
is melting with every soft word born between us?
I pour my liquid self into the parts of your voice that
break and halt and inhale –
all those intimate parts are perfect places
for me to slip in.
Given the chance, where would you slip in?

There are few people who I would let in
to the places where I am broken
but I would let you in
anywhere our words might take you.
Given the chance, would you come in?

My words might take it too far and
infrequently during our conversations
I have to remind my clitoris
that this is none of her business.
But given the chance, what would you do?


Sam Rose is a writer and editor from Northamptonshire, England. She is the editor of Peeking Cat Poetry Magazine and The Creative Truth. Her work has appeared in Scarlet Leaf Review, Poetry Pacific, Haiku Journal, In Between Hangovers, and others. In her spare time, she enjoys listening to music and eating too much chocolate.

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