Car Trouble

The problems you attract
follow you home,
laughing behind
your back,
making you
angry enough
to fuck
how I like it.
When you couldn’t pay to fix your car,
I offered
my neck
for you to dig
your teeth into
during those lean times,
on my acceptance.
When someone slashed your tires,
I let you carry
your revenge
out on me,
your eyes
in my gut.
Soon I’ll be sneaking into your heart
while you sleep
to cut your brakes
if you keep it up, eager
to see you kick into gear
as we fly
     into the night,
engines burning
with hunger.


Irene M Vallone is a transgender poet and writer, originally from Pennsylvania but currently based in Washington state. Examples of her work can be found at neutralspaces, and she tweets at @Irene_M_Vallone.

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