Horny Poetry Review: Issue Two // December 2017

thank you to everyone who read and tweeted about issue two, it really was magical

issue two was marked by a number of interesting choices of form and register, amongst the expected filth

it clearly benefited from going live on christmas day, too – we might do that again for issue three

here’s what we published in issue two


Effects of The Last Unicorn on the Psyche of the Post-pubescent Female – by Mary Coons

Calendar Girls – by Holly Pelesky
in polyamory-land, i think of relationships as pies & i texted this to a hot, beardy musician to entice him on a second date – by Raina K. Puels

Stimulus and Response – by M. Stone

TRI(U)MV(I)RATE – by Ingrid Calderon
Perfect Strikes – by Elisabeth Horan

s’more please – by Christian Stock

My Body & Band Camp and Still Six Thirty – by Nathanielle Dawn

The Invitation – by Jeffrey Zable

THE NAMES – by Kristin Garth

[decode open ends for deeper insights] – by Preeti Vangani

Freddy Something – by @IlanaMiraL https://twitter.com/ilanamiral


once a month – by Marina Manoukian

Aubade for the Road – by Troy Kody Cunio

Saturnalia – by Tian Tran


Horny Poetry Review: Issue One // October 2017

we didn’t know what we were doing, but we did it anyway

issue one came together in a way that was a little bit unexpected. we set out to make a space for poets and writers who have created something that is a little bit too horny for main.

and, er, that was easy?

it turns out a lot of you have this kind of poem or prose lurking in your drafts somewhere. here’s what we published for our first issue.


poetry and prose from issue one of the horny poetry review

nest & you were last online 9 minutes ago – by @Heyy_Carrie_Ann

Migraines come slow – by Raquel Vasquez Gilliland

At The Kitchen Table With Football – by Sally Burnette

Shibari dreams – by triciaV

Sax Busker – by Anonymous

excerpt from Every Breath You Take – by Julian Francis Park

Acute Trigonometry & Grey’s Anatomy – by Shriram Sivaramakrishnan

Below Into The Deep – by Holly Pelesky

Public Nudity – by Sarah A. O’Brien

Angela Finds The Male Hot and Brown – by John Grey

Let’s – by Robin Harley


thank you to all of our writers, i hope you write to us again soon xx