horny poetry review is a poetry journal dedicated to love poetry that sometimes reveals a little bit too much about you.

if you have ever written a poem about someone (or some thing) that ends up being way hornier than you expected, this is the place for you.

if you seem to have accidentally discovered you have a kink through the medium of poetry written about someone you have a crush on at work, this is the place for you.

if you have a crush on someone you feel you shouldn’t have, and wrote a poem to get it out of your system (did it work?), this is the place for you.

send us:

– poetry, experimental fiction, flash or smart essays that is hornier than you expected

– clever writing about your gender, identity, and experience

– poems about fucking, but not porn

– high concept literary work, that, as stated elsewhere, ended up hornier than you expected

– we have no preference on length or girth of your writing, but we do not accept things that can’t be read guiltily in a lunch break

do not send us:

– dirty limmericks

– crap “erotic” writing

– actual porn, there are other places for that

send to:

hornypoetry [at] gmail [dot] com and we will try and get back to you as soon as is reasonable


– paste the poem in the email body

– introduce yourself, give a little bio

– let us know if you want your name or social links to be published with it, or whether you would like to be anonymous etc


– sorry, we can’t pay you – but we also won’t blackmail you, even if that’s what you’re into.